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My Latest Book: Acing the ACT

"An Elite Tutor's Guide to Tricky Questions and Secret Strategies that Make a Big Difference"

Sometimes you just want to cut to the chase, and in my latest book, Acing the ACT (Ten Speed '15), I offer tips and insights page-for-page throughout. This little pocket guide has been guiding and inspiring students to earn real ACT score increases for over a year. Written for the internet generation, it's made to be read any way you like: work cover to cover or flip through and learn something in a page or two. It also includes a math memorization guide that outlines everything you need to know off the top of your head on test day, illustrated in a handful of easy to navigate pages.

No matter what, be sure not to miss the Most Important Secret at the end. 

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Private Online Tutoring

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Believe me, it's not lost on me that what we do is usually about as exciting to our clients as getting a cavity filled.

Higher SAT and ACT scores? Sure. What it takes to get there? Not so much.

Meanwhile, I'm one of those weirdos who's always been good at standardized tests. I realize this doesn't make me sound like the type of person you want to invite to your barbecue this weekend, but it's true: somehow these formulaic, pattern heavy, basic tests make sense to me--and once I realized that's not the case for everyone, I knew I had to buckle down and figure out why.

Nearly fourteen years and two critically acclaimed test prep books later, I'm widely regarded as a global leader in test preparation and an unparalleled resource for those students who deserve the very best. My team and I appeal to those who appreciate a customized approach to navigating academics and achieving meaningful goals in school and thereafter. 

We offer extraordinary results--and a sense of humor.

Offering: Prep for SAT/PSAT, ACT, SAT Subject tests, and AP Exams | The Writer's Academy | Academic Coaching

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