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World Class Test Prep At Home

It's not lost on anyone on my tutoring team that what we do for work is usually about as exciting to our clients as having a cavity filled.

Higher SAT, ACT, and GRE scores? Sure. What it takes to get there? Not so much.

Test prep is a necessary evil of our time--even the test makers themselves admit students benefit from prep--but it's also an arena fraught with misinformation, lame videos about geometry rules, reasonably frustrated students, bad teaching, poor strategic advice, and dorky, socially inept adult tutors.

I can't tell you how many times we've received calls from frustrated, exhausted families saying "this is the third [fourth, fifth...] time we've tried to find someone who can help us fix this test score." People spend so much time, energy, and money investing in test prep that yields limited results; it kills me.

Approach tests with knowledge--not with guessing strategies.

If you're here, you're clearly someone who wants something different.

Something better.

Well, I'm one of those weirdos who's always been good at standardized tests. I realize this doesn't immediately make me sound like the type of person you want to invite to your barbecue this weekend, but it's true: somehow these formulaic, pattern heavy, basic tests make sense to me--and once I realized that's not the case for everyone, I knew I had to buckle down and figure out why.

That's how developing my own test prep methods started: I had to pinpoint why it was that I didn't mind standardized tests and put my finger on what I already knew that made them manageable for anyone and easier to ace.

This way, teaching SAT and ACT test prep could be a form of mentorship, not just rote delivery of skills.

Test Taking is a Mental Game, Too

I've always said that as soon as these big prep companies started selling "strategies" for "cracking" the test that didn't involve understanding fundamentals and creative problem solving, that students were even more doomed. What could be more terrifying than a test that's supposedly so difficult that one can't just prepare for it by learning real, useful things? 

That's why over the years I've become just as committed to helping students develop and maintain a growth mindset as I am to making sure they understand trigonometric ratios and grammatical rules of parallel structure: it doesn't matter how much you know if you don't have the mental toughness to navigate what you're working on.

In fact, we've grown to include an entire department dedicated to academic coaching--and not just coaching for kids who are struggling, but coaching for students of every level and ability. School is so darn daunting these days that I'm convinced that, just like any CEO or small business owner would, today's students benefit from a team helping them generate and maintain momentum organizationally and socially.

You'll notice an immediate difference with us.

For starters, we as a team of tutors are different. The only people on the team are people we'd want to hang out with and whose academic judgment we'd trust for our own kids. Meanwhile, we like to go out. We watch Bravo or binge watch Empire, too.

Second, we're not going to sell you on a bunch of proprietary strategy mumbo jumbo.

In fact, we do so little selling of our brand and cling so loosely to a universal set curriculum that it sometimes unsettles new clients. It can be hard to believe that we can so confidently rely on our experience to lead us and tailor tutoring to the specific needs of a student, that we know materials so thoroughly that we can question match and cross reference on the fly, but that's what custom tutoring is: totally designed for the student, completely reflexive for the teacher, and built for the individual.

We strive to offer value minute by minute, not just hour by hour.

At the end of the day, we want working with us to be a pleasure and a prized opportunity to take test scores and a student's education to the next level. We hope you'll join us.

The Choice for Independent Students

We offer flexibility for everyone from boarding school students to independent professionals, like young Olympic hopefuls, home-schooled equestrians, and entertainment professionals. We understand the needs of young people who are not in mainstream high school situations, and we appreciate the determination and willingness necessary to reaching unconventional dreams.

ADD/ADHD? Dyslexia? Other learning differences? No problem.

We've been working with students who have ADD and dyslexia from the beginning. In fact, we are so familiar with the different ways students' brains work that we've been even been instrumental in directing some of our students towards diagnoses or other assessments that have helped them better understand their own particular intelligence. We also are happy to help students apply for and receive accommodation for extra time on the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject tests.

Free Official ACT Practice Tests

We offer these free practice tests from the test makers as a courtesy.

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