Academic Coaching

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Michael Phelps and Simone Biles have coaches. Why shouldn't you?

All top performers know that working within a solid support system generates the greatest results. CEOs do it. The president does it. Small business owners do it. Heck, even I do it!

Honestly, why should anyone go it alone?

Guiding students like they're independent, important people has always been part of the good teaching we've already done for years. Extending those teaching skills to general coaching was good for our students--and that's why we chose to do so. After all, the world really does not have to revolve around tests


Our academic coaching helps students

  • calm down,
  • get organized,
  • set specific goals, and
  • develop creative solutions to independently navigate classroom demands.

It's simple. It works.

The only place to go is up.

Since we're not a big franchise and, frankly, don't really need to answer to anyone except our clients, we have a lot of freedom in the way we design programs for success for our students. In fact, we're always happy to incorporate a student's IEP or psycho-educational evaluation to fine tune a coaching experience. We'll make a plan with you and stick by your side the whole way.

We'll be sure to identify what's already been going well and help more of that happen. A lot of the time students have no idea what they're good at; we deliver a lot of good news.

Then, we size up the trouble spots and make change.

We work with all sorts of students; those who have been

  • diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or dyslexia,
  • are struggling with anxiety,
  • aspire to honors or AP courses, or even
  • those consummate overachievers looking for new ways to get organized and manage their full calendars.

Our students see improvement in areas like

  • organization and prioritization

  • task and time management (including homework, study, activities, and personal life)

  • study and learning strategies

  • planning and accountability

  • appropriate and effective self-advocacy with teachers

  • motivation and decreased procrastination

  • reading strategies and planning

  • effective note taking and review

  • writing skills

  • setting appropriate goals

...and, of course, their grades go up too.