Writing? I'll make it great.

No piece of writing is more challenging than the one you desperately want to be extraordinary.

  • Perhaps you’re developing the book that captures your industry insight and ultimately builds your business.
  • Maybe you’re spinning a personal memoir so tender and gripping its telling could actually change your life.
  • What if you’re daunted by an application essay, the only five hundred words you’re allotted to shine in front of an admissions board and earn an interview?

You just want to be heard, but instead you’re faced with a blinking cursor and silenced fingers, or, worse, stacks of drafts of half-finished ideas and material that just doesn't communicate what you’ve set out to say.

Steven Pressfield didn’t call it The War of Art for nothing.

Getting your ideas onto a page is a series of battles that can overwhelm even the most accomplished and articulate among us. What to include? Where to begin? How to make it funny? Somber? Lucid?

It’s easy to feel like you need to be a veritable Sun Tzu of the written word.

It might be best to hire one, instead.

Whether you need help

  • developing your ideas for short articles or your blog,
  • editing and reworking an existing manuscript,
  • or creating a full length book from scratch,

I can lead the charge.  

I’m available on an extremely limited basis and interview potential clients extensively. We'll define the scope of your project carefully long before committing to each other so we're sure we're a good fit. I do not work with more than two clients at a time to protect my calendar and your demand for world-class service.

You can expect from me thoughtfulness in research and interviews and elegance in execution.

I’m particularly adept at

  • asking the right questions that elucidate both what you mean and jog your creativity
  • crafting story lines and outlines of ideas that lead your reader on the journey you intend
  • offering honest feedback to propel the work to its finest version and keep the work marketable
  • executing with a voice that sounds like you at your best.**

It's an act of trust and vulnerability to put your ideas into another's hands, and my nine years in the publishing field have prepared me to offer you a safe landing for your thoughts and a firm launching point for your next big project.

My writing partnerships usually come out of word of mouth connections. If this describes you, please be sure to let me know who's connected us when you inquire.

Let's talk!

I cannot fully express how grateful I am to Elizabeth for her partnership. Her clarity, honesty, persistence and unrivaled organizational skills brought the best out in me. Elizabeth is an exceptional talent, like none I’ve ever seen, and I look forward to many more collaborations in the future. …Plus, she’s made me spit drinks through my nose in laughter.
— current ghost writing partner



Outsmarting the SAT is the most effective SAT guide you've never heard of. Obsessively designed from the the most fundamental elements for conquering each section, Outsmarting is crafted with a respect for the academic potential in its reader and an empathy with the task that is attempting to conquer the SAT.

Funny and personable, the math section is even personally hand illustrated so that the math looks accessible and familiar.

"If you are going to play the game of business, you must read Winning the Customer." ~ Carol Roth

Filled with practical information and written in Lou’s inimitable conversational style, Winning the Customer is your all-pro offensive attack against old, ineffective methods and flat results. Lou’s tools will give any business an inspired team, supersized income, and a virtual stadium full of engaged, high-paying customers.

Acing the ACT is a streamlined prep guide for the ACT featuring concise lessons that will boost scores dramatically by teaching students how the questions are asked and the best strategies for getting to the right answer quickly.

In Acing the ACT, internationally renowned tutor Elizabeth King delivers a decade’s worth of secret insights for unlocking solutions to the trickiest questions on the ACT. She offers her closely guarded personal tips in stress-free, down-to-earth language that’s easy to understand and remember. No matter how you read this pocket guide-—cover to cover, or skipping around—these strategies will make your score pop, even if you’re already a top scorer. Whether you’re studying months ahead, or prepping last-minute, Acing the ACT delivers higher scores, fast.

Elizabeth King has an uncanny ability to transform words I put on the page into something that makes about 1000x more sense. Her no-nonsense approach to editing results in work that is sharper, cleaner, and stronger than it started. This isn’t just about punctuation and grammar. Elizabeth delivers the goods in every way possible.
— Application development client

Elizabeth King