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(c) Lynn Parks

(c) Lynn Parks

Short Bio of Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King is the founder and president of Elizabeth King Coaching, Inc. She has been preparing students all over the world for the SAT and ACT since 2003 using the proprietary approach she shared in her books Outsmarting the SAT (Ten Speed Press '08) and Acing the ACT (Ten Speed Press '15). Elizabeth is the co-author with Lou Imbriano of Winning the Customer (McGraw-Hill '11), and she is currently ghost-writing two memoirs. She has appeared in Fast Company, Achieve Magazine, Oprah Sirius XM Radio, Unigo, and she is currently a recurring guest expert on The Process with UPenn Dean of Admissions Eric Furda on Wharton Business Radio Ch 111. She currently resides in Providence, RI.



Short Background of Elizabeth King Coaching

Elizabeth King Coaching, Inc. is a boutique tutoring and test preparation company that serves students and families from around the world, coaching clients to results 4 to 6 times the national average. The company was founded in 2008 by Elizabeth King when her first book, Outsmarting the SAT, which outlined her personal approach to test preparation was published by Ten Speed Press. She published some of the company's ACT techniques in Acing the ACT with Ten Speed Press in 2015. Since 2003 Elizabeth has prepared students from all over North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East for the SAT and ACT. The company also offers a suite of academic coaching and writing tutoring services to support its students' high school experience. Elizabeth King Coaching, Inc. is currently based in Providence, RI, and serves students both locally and internationally online.


Test Prep Books In Brief

In Acing the ACT (Ten Speed Press '15) and Outsmarting the SAT (Ten Speed Press '08), Elizabeth King shares the methods and techniques she uses to coach students from around the world to incredible scores gains on the SAT and ACT. Elizabeth's focus on fundamentals, critical thinking, and creative problem solving ameliorate the anxiety inherent in navigating college admissions testing while instilling study skills and an approach to information management that serve to better prepare students not only for admissions but also for their college careers.