Our Test Prep Results

Our students usually achieve test score improvement results in excess of 4 to 6 times the national average. Understand how we offer these results to maximize your own outcome.

ACT scores skyrocket 6 points over 1 year.

  • Our class of 2015 COMPOSITE ACT score increases averaged nearly 6 points.
  • These are increases calculated from junior year scores, not sophomore, which other leading companies show.
  • In fact, every year we see at least one ACT composite score jump 8 points.

SAT scores went up 460 points over 1 year.

The old SAT repelled most of our students during its final years (international students, who make up much of our client roster, weren't attracted to its extremely advanced vocabulary), but our final "old" SAT student increased her junior year SAT score by 460 points. She was a trooper.

In all honesty I never could have imagined that I’d learn the things I did from TUTORING. As corny as it sounds, you really taught me a ton about myself and brought my writing to a whole new level, far above the rest of my class.
— Austin, Graduate, University of Miami School of Medicine

Real Talk About Results

1. We'll Forego Making Our Data Look Good

We tailor everything to the individual student, including managing test anxiety and expectations. Every good coach knows how to handle special cases, and that means we aren't afraid to not even take a baseline score if the score will be so low that it will overwhelm and defeat a student out of the gate. There's no benefit to having a 16 out of 36 section score on record if a student is going to perceive that score as the death knell of potential and capability. Even if we know we can pop that score 10 points--and we have--we won't do so just to have it for our data and at the expense of student confidence.

Also, please note that other companies' score increases often measure from a sophomore score. We show outcomes from a junior year score only.

2. Timing Is Everything--and it Varies

There is no recipe for success here beyond

1. learning for thorough understanding everything that might be on the test

2. understanding the applications of those topics in a standardized format and

3. minimizing human error and careless mistakes.

Those three things in a positive, encouraging setting also serve as the best antidote that we have found for test anxiety. Reaching a goal score takes some students 6 hours of prep. Most take somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 40 hours. It takes others 100+.

3. Goals Affect Investment--and Investment can Affect Outcomes

Some people come to us wanting to pull a 27 up to a 29, or they want their SAT score to break 1400 when they're already at a 1340. While many people think "let's blow this thing out of the water as much as we can," others just need a number for a particular in-state scholarship benchmark or to be in the ballpark for a school they've always had their hearts set on--which isn't always necessarily in the Ivy League. Sometimes more is more is more is more. Sometimes, not so much.

4. Not All Budgets or Tutoring Sessions are Created Equal

Sometimes a student with a goal score that would most easily be reached with 40+ hours of tutoring with us only has a budget for 10 hours with us. That can obviously affect outcomes, and we make every reasonable effort we can to accommodate constraints. However, it’s important to recognize that 10 hours with us yields better results than 40 less expensive hours with a usually inexperienced tutor at a prep company that touts guessing strategies and plugging in as methods of bumping scores.

Your Commitment

Of course any student's actions and attitudes influence how things go, too. The best students do these things, consistently, and their parents and friends support them:

  1. Take advice and show willingness to change perceptions and habits. They're not afraid to engage us so that we can evolve each program dynamically and effectively.
  2. Do the homework and review in the manner they're instructed.
  3. Show up consistently and per our recommended scheduling.
  4. Maintain a fairly predictable schedule--not just with tutoring, but in general. This way they can plan their studying and downtime.
  5. Are honest with us about what have done in the past and are doing presently to prepare for the test. 

Our Commitment

We wish we could promise outcomes or guarantee score results, but since we don't get to personally take the test instead of the student, we can't do that. There are too many variables outside our control to make that fair.

What we will guarantee is that we'll do everything within our power to offer consistent, congruent advice and education that has been proven to profoundly affect test scores. We will be flexible, ethical, and encouraging and do everything within out power to ensure that you do no more work than is necessary to achieve your goals.

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