(c) Derrick L Garrett

(c) Derrick L Garrett


For fourteen years, Elizabeth King has been the tutor of choice of discerning families from the midwest to the Middle East who want the very best in SAT and ACT prep for their students-- and our office is newly based in Fox Point in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Elizabeth's approach, featured in her books Acing the ACT (Ten Speed Press '15) and Outsmarting the SAT (Ten Speed Press '08), usually yields score increases 4 to 6 times the national average.

If you're looking for test prep tutoring in Providence, Newport, Barrington, or Boston, then we're new neighbors, and we'd love to meet you. Specifically, Elizabeth has recently been certified as a recommended tutor at the Moses Brown School in Providence. 

While we believe you'll fall in love with working one-on-one live online just like we did, we're happy to tutor in-person or on-campus if you're in the Rhode Island area.

Contact us at 917.207.9653 or use the contact form below.