SAT, ACT, and GRE Prep at Elizabeth King Coaching, Inc.

"The only thing we do

the same as everybody else is say,

'We're different.'"

- Elizabeth King


Our reported score improvements reflect growth over a single year, not from sophomore scores.

Our students usually achieve test score improvement results in excess of 4 to 6 times the national average.

From New York City to Kuwait City and Venezuela to China, we're the test prep and academic coaching choice of the most discerning families around the world.


SAT and ACT Prep that's Different From Head to Toe:

1. Baseline Diagnostics

Our diagnostic reports don't come from a computer print-out and they don’t have to be from a test you took with us.

  • Diagnostics are meant to help students and parents make a plan: they're for you, not us.
  • Our reports will clarify topics you need to review and the approaches you might use that may not be working.
  • We build a plan from diagnostics for investigation during future sessions because some things just can't be sussed out without face to face time and problem solving.

2. Our Proprietary "Master Four" Approach

Our test prep approach is centered around 4 central tenets: 

  • Review and revise fundamentals for comprehension and application.
  • Develop nuanced connoisseurship of question styles.
  • Mitigate human error.
  • Practice elegant critical thinking to save time.

In short, we teach students what they need to know and how to execute for excellence. 

3. The Anxiety Antidote

When tests are demystified, they become places to play and show off rather than mysterious, evil overlords.

  • We jettison the tacitly terrifying “strategy” language that has become synonymous with test prep since the ‘80s.
  • Our sessions are focused but relaxed and based on building trust. 

4. A Customized Test Prep Guide Based on YOUR Needs

Don't just "take notes;" learn how to study and prep for tests like you’ll need to in college.

  • Understand the difference between record-keeping and notes that teach you when the class time is over.
  • Stay organized so your brain stays organized. 

5. "Nutrient-Dense" Teaching

Our lessons are completely tailored to each student: there is no set program, so there’s no wasted time.

  • We continually reinforce patterns of fundamentals and their related iterations.
  • We articulate the dynamics of errors so you don’t make the mistake in the future.
  • We highlight the kernels of questions so you recognize them next time. 
  • We ensure you know why you get things right so you can keep up the pattern of success.  

6. Optional Academic Coaching to Support Your Whole High School Experience

  • Sometimes students who work with us uncover a whole new world of studying and learning. We have a support team available to help you apply new study concepts and organizational skills to your entire high school and college career. 

7. We Enjoy The Freedom to Evolve

  • Big test prep strategy hasn’t changed substantially in 40 years, but we can change everything, from test to test and student to student, any day of the week. 

8. Score Improvements That Open Doors


Tackle That Test Anxiety

One of the key ingredients that fuels anxiety is the magnitude of the unknown, and if there's one thing the test prep industry's obsession with strategy has offered, it's just that: a feeling that college entrance tests are so daunting and impossible to ace that the only way to handle them is to employ strategy and tactics outside the subject matter.

In other words, if you tell someone that she's going to need strategy to do well on a test, what she hears is that she isn't educated or intelligent enough to simply answer the test questions.

This insight fuels our rather unorthodox approach: we teach 1. what you need to know and 2. how they ask the questions while 3. avoiding fear-mongering at all costs. The simplicity is profoundly empowering. Then, a student can walk into a test confident that she is perfectly prepared with knowledge and skills that yield the high scores she desires.

We Are Established, Genuine Experts

In the age of the internet, anyone with a website and some snappy photos can call herself an expert. Our team remains small as a reflection of our commitment to offering only the best.

  • We don't franchise or license our methodologies.
  • Our president, Elizabeth King, is the author of Acing the ACT and Outsmarting the SAT (both with Ten Speed/Random House). She first gained national recognition for her innovative approach to test preparation in 2008, and she's the recurrent test prep expert on the Dean of Admissions from the University of Pennsylvania's Sirius XM Show "The Process."

  • Everyone on our team has at least ten years' experience in the education field and in tutoring specifically. We don't hire college students looking for a part-time gig.
  • We believe in creativity, fostering critical thinking, and genuinely enjoying the learning process. We couldn't teach this well if we weren't excited about it.