Elizabeth traffics in smarts.
— Baratunde Thurston, NY Times Bestselling Author | Host, TED and NatGeo

Our two children combined worked with Elizabeth for less than 20 hours [and both scored in the 99+ percentile on the ACT]. In that time, both our children received personalized, professional guidance and support in ways to best utilize their skills to obtain the best standardized score as possible. Elizabeth not only worked on testing strategies but got to know the personalities of our children to figure out the best way to guide them. Their sessions were used for test prep but they were also used to discuss ways to organize, reduce test taking stress, etc. Elizabeth was incredibly receptive and responsive to questions posted to her outside her sessions. And her responses to the children were supportive and encouraging. We would not hesitate to recommend Elizabeth to any family!
— c/o 2019 and 2020, Sewickley, PA
Sam got a 169 [out of 170] on his GRE and a perfect score on the Writing. OMG is right! It is really wonderful. I am very proud of Sam, of course, but need to tell you again that you are awesome! You had such patience and tenacity when you worked with Sam— not to mention your own talent— and perhaps most importantly, how much you care. We are very lucky to have found you and hope to stay in touch for a long time to come!!
— Parent, Grad Student Applicant, New Jersey

Acing the ACT is every student’s dream and Elizabeth King’s book by the same name is a well-written, practical approach to achieving the goal. “Acing The ACT” is a tool for the student that sincerely wants to better an ACT score by careful studying and learning the tricks and strategies employed by the test makers. In the short time that it took me to go through the guide, I learned many strategies that I am anxious to pass on to my students.
— Laura Miller, bloggingforbooks.com
King writes in a style that makes Acing the ACT an easy book to use for self-study and preparation for the ACT.
— Joseph Adegboyega-Edun, Counselor/College Adviser
My students found the book (Acing the ACT) to be much more accessible than most other test prep books.
— Bryce, Customer Review
With Acing the ACT in his hands and my fingers crossed, my son is on the road to a less stressful test-taking experience.
— Parent

I GOT INTO BROWN’S PLME!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve never been so happy!
— Student , Kuwait
The reason Elizabeth’s methods are successful is that they build a foundation. Her methods were not only targeted towards helping me tackle the test but also, Elizabeth’s methods allowed me to understand concepts that had once made no sense when I first learnt them as a freshmen.
My SAT score went up 460 points, all thanks to Elizabeth.
— Student, Barnard College , Kuwait
[Our daughter] said you were the hardest but best tutor she ever had.
— Erin C., Parent
[Our kids] absolutely LOVE working with you... You have done wonders with their self-esteem and confidence insofar as testing goes. They actually enjoy working when they are under your tutelage.
— Parent
Elizabeth King has an uncanny ability to transform words I put on the page into something that makes about 1000x more sense. Her no-nonsense approach to editing results in work that is sharper, cleaner, and stronger than it started. This isn’t just about punctuation and grammar. Elizabeth delivers the goods in every way possible.
— Application Development and Editing Client
Elizabeth’s strategies are just awesome! In every section of the ACT she taught me exactly what I needed to know to get the score I needed. What I love about her strategies is that they are easy to understand and apply. Thanks to her tactics I was able to raise my science and reading scores from a 21 to a 29 and from a 22 to a 27!
— Agustina, Student, Argentina
You’re the reason I finally understand math.
— Victoria, Student
Superb tutor/motivator of kids, from elementary through high school. Elizabeth is energetic, persistent, creative, and gets kids working to the best of their ability.
— Diana, Parent, New York
We have come to realize that your tutoring style is so much more than just about the academic material. Rather, it’s about psychology, life skills, confidence building and critical thinking all disguised in a teaching style that young adults can easily identify with. Thank you, Elizabeth, for not only assisting our son in getting the perks of having good test scores but for giving him the tools to be a better equipped human being.
— Doug, Parent
It’s wonderful to see [our daughter] so happy about those scores! She’s learned a lot about herself in the long process.
— Wendy, Parent
Elizabeth King changed my life. A year as her pupil completely revolutionized and morphed the way I saw learning and education. Elizabeth taught me everything: math and science, literature and composition, arts and social sciences. She was able to hammer her vast knowledge of essentially everything under the sun into me. Elizabeth introduced me to my now favorite authors, influenced my philosophic and fundamental belief system, and possibly with greater importance, became one of my truest and most honest of friends. Now, roughly 12 years later, Elizabeth continues to influence me, berating me when I need a “wake up” call, blessing me with her seemingly infinite wisdom and advise, debating with me on tough political and fundamental issues, and still, most importantly, being my truest and most honest friend. For isn’t that what a true teacher really is?
— Z. Bennett, Miami, FL
Maybe this wasn’t the route I had planned but it doesn’t mean I can’t still achieve my goals. I really want to thank you for going out of your way and helping me, as I know that’s not a conventional tutor’s action. PS: Now I’m “super good at math” according to my math teacher. Also, I will be receiving an A in my Algebra II class, surprising coming from the person who had trouble with logs!
— Student , Miami, FL.

I cannot fully express how grateful I am to Elizabeth for her partnership. Her clarity, honesty, persistence and unrivaled organizational skills brought the best out in me. Elizabeth is an exceptional talent, like none I’ve ever seen, and I look forward to many more collaborations in the future. …Plus, she’s made me spit drinks through my nose in laughter.
— K.F., Current Co-author

Elizabeth’s energy and spark provided a passionate presentation for our network of creatives and community builders.
— Abby Bischoff, Creative Logistics Director at OTA-Pollen
Your presence made a lasting impact on all those who attended. Many girls after the meeting came up to me and expressed how powerful and honest your words were. Your message about perception and reality was particularly relevant to our age group. As teenage girls growing up in the 21st century, we are constantly bombarded with a false sense of reality. Your words helped us see that we can be in charge of the way we perceive the world around us and more importantly the way we perceive ourselves in the world around us. Thank you again for your time and words of wisdom!
— Sydney McAuliffe, Founder of The Women’s Empowerment Club, Dreyfoos School of the Arts

I work at a New York charter school and wrote [a competing prep book], but I just ordered Outsmarting the SAT for my classroom instead. Don’t tell my publishing company!
— anonymous competitor (seriously!)
At first I thought you were a bit too confident, even boastful, in how successful you advertised your methods to be. But once I delved into the book, I could not put it down. It was like a drug, and I couldn’t wait to find out what you’d enlighten me with next. I felt like I was actually taking a private lesson with you, and that you were communicating your methods with me one-on-one. I skipped two days of school this week, and read the entire book cover to cover. I am totally confident in myself and I actually look forward to not only taking, but conquering the SAT in about 4 days... all thanks to you.
— Ammar, Sri Lanka (not a client)