The Writer's Academy

It's simple: we're accomplished professional writers who can help you with your writing.

Writing for High School and Higher Education

Few qualities telegraph intelligence and thoughtfulness like elegant, effective writing. As writers ourselves, we take special pleasure in teaching writing in any context. Our founder Elizabeth King is the author of two books herself (both with Random House/Ten Speed) and the co-author/ghost writer of another three: non-fiction (with McGraw-Hill), fiction, and memoir (both in development). Our head of academic coaching, Marlene Giraud, holds a degree in Creative Writing.

We teach all levels of academic and creative writing, from learning to create a five paragraph essay to developing graduate level theses; we also teach fiction writing, from short stories to novels.

Writing Remediation:

We offer writing basics, like mechanics and usage, outlining, idea development, and expression for students of all ages and abilities. These skills can be taught in the context of a student's schoolwork or we can develop additional curricula to support a student's existing school syllabus. Starting at $125/hr.

High School and Collegiate Level Writing Development:

Even the best writers--ourselves included--benefit from the input of an excellent editor. Great editors do more than fix punctuation; they offer challenging questions, help shape arguments, develop refined structure, knit together ideas, and encourage revision and research beyond what a newer writer may be inclined to do. We relish improving college level writing and can even go so far as to facilitate argument conception, co-work through preparation, and edit Ph.D. dissertations. Starting at $125/hr.

Application Essays:

A natural extension of the rapport we develop during test preparation is the creative brainstorming and process of writing college application essays. We often transfer students from test preparation to the application process, but we're also available to help applicants develop personal statements and other essays that best capture the applicant's personal tone and intention even if you prepped with someone else. We never write application essays for our students; we help applicants craft their own essays with panache and personality. Starting at $175/hr.

A La Carte Proofreading and Editing:

Sometimes you just need someone to look over your paper and make sure everything makes sense and your punctuation is appropriate. We can check papers for completion when you need an extra pair of eyes. Starting at $30 per 15 minutes.

Personalized Creative and Academic Writing Courses:

Elizabeth and Marlene are available to teach custom creative and non-fiction writing courses. This is great for students who want to do things like better understand poetry or who are developing their own short stories or novels. We offer supplemental creative and non-fiction writing coaching to anyone. Let us know what you need and we'll create a program just for you. Email or call for pricing.

Elizabeth King has an uncanny ability to transform words I put on the page into something that makes about 1000x more sense. Her no-nonsense approach to editing results in work that is sharper, cleaner, and stronger than it started. This isn’t just about punctuation and grammar. Elizabeth delivers the goods in every way possible.
— Applicant for Ph.D. Program, UPenn

“I cannot fully express how grateful I am to Elizabeth for her partnership. Her clarity, honesty, persistence and unrivalled organisational skills brought the best out in me. Elizabeth is an exceptional talent, like none I’ve ever seen, and I look forward to many more collaborations in the future. …Plus, she’s made me spit drinks through my nose in laughter.”
— current co-author

If you'd like to write a book and you're interested in having Elizabeth be your co-author or ghost writer, please visit her author page for more information.