Winning the Customer 

“Lou was years ahead of his time. His insights into gaining and retaining customers are valuable to every CEO no matter what size the company.”
— Mark Cuban, Owner Dallas Mavericks

by Lou Imbriano and Elizabeth King (McGraw-Hill '11)

Filled with practical information and written in Lou’s inimitable conversational style, Winning the Customer is your all-pro offensive attack against old, ineffective methods and flat results. Lou’s tools will give any business an inspired team, supersized income, and a virtual stadium full of engaged, high-paying customers.

About Winning the Customer 

Elizabeth and Lou at the Winning the Customer release party. 

Elizabeth and Lou at the Winning the Customer release party. 

During his nine years in senior marketing positions with the New England Patriots, Lou Imbriano laid the foundation and marketing vision for the football team that led to its astronomical growth and explosive revenue—perfectly positioning them to be ready for when the Patriots became repeat Super Bowl champions and the NFL brand to beat. 

Now CEO of TrinityOne, a strategic marketing firm, Lou has an undefeated record of showing all types of companies how to tackle customer relationships and convert them into tangible revenue. In Winning the Customer, Lou delivers his original strategies for both short- and long-term financial success: 

• The Marketing Playbook: how to identify those who are dying to spend money with you
• Relationship Architecture: how to connect with customers in meaningful ways and create “memorable moments”
• The Revenue Game: how to build revenue instead of selling concepts

Throughout the book, you’ll find Lou’s dynamic personal stories drawn right from his years of real-world business experience. He’s learned that to maximize revenue, every organization must both turn its customers into fans and coax those fans to spend freely. Winning the Customer shows you how to do just that using the Three Tiers of Customer Relationships. Imbriano shares his strategies with his innovative DELIVERS system: Dedication, Entertainment, Loyalty, Investment, Vision, Energy, Responsibility, and Sacrifice. 

Lou Imbriano rescues the word ‘winning’ from the clutches of Charlie Sheen...and, like a Patriots playbook, Lou takes you through his game plan for successfully building a victorious team that opponents will respect and fear...from who should be answering your phone to effectively saying ‘no,’ it’s all there...lazy, unmotivated people, this is not for you...
— Steve Levy, ESPN SportsCenter Anchor
Unbreakable relationships are crucial to success in business. Lou Imbriano captures what it takes to forge the kind of deep credibility that encourages consumers and clients to trust you with their hard earned dollars. If you want to deepen your customers trust and grow your revenues, I suggest you read Winning the Customer and you will win
— Bob Reynolds President & CEO of Putnam Investments
Imbriano definitely made his mark in the NFL and now he’s an MVP again with his new book, Winning the Customer. Lou’s down-to-earth marketing philosophies, which he brought to the Patriots, epitomize how everyone, in any industry, should approach marketing. If you want to truly know how to build remarkable business relationships, read Winning the Customer.
— Michael O’Hara Lynch, Head of Global Sponsorship, Visa
Winning the Customer is a must-read for anyone interested in sports marketing because it is chock-full of examples on how deliver more value to sponsors and generate more revenue for sports properties. Lou’s book is an invaluable tool for those who want to stay ahead of the game in this highly competitive industry
— Michael Ozanian, Executive Editor, Forbes Sports Money
Lou’s down-to-earth stories are enjoyable to read while capturing insightful methods to build relationships which generate revenue. Many of the anecdotes are from the sports business, but the philosophies apply to any industry.
— George Pyne, President, IMG Sports & Entertainment
The principals and disciplines in Winning the Customer are perfect for turning your customers into fans. Lou is such a great story teller that he makes a pure business book a very enjoyable read.
— Karen Kaplan, President, Hill Holliday

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