On Creatively Thriving



There’s something specific to the culture of what I’ll call the Creative Achievement set, something particular that elevates our collective experience and our collective output. While each of us is in process and at varying levels of performance at any given time, we tend to recognize each other in character or type almost immediately. We’re all in-process products of our own inherent drive and passion that, while it may ebb and flow, tends to be nothing short of overwhelming when activated. However, it’s our community and connection with each other that let’s us go from performing to thriving.We’re not thriving simply because we lean on each other, but because of an unspoken rule specific to the Creative Achievers. Creative Achievers are often exceptionally good at supporting and spurring each other on.  Those who know what it’s like to get out there and kick some serious tail, those who know the burden of giftedness or inspiration, know this: you only push someone when they’re down as hard as they would push themselves when they’re really up. They deliver that push with a calculated nuance that may feel like as delicate as a kick in the head.Nevertheless, there’s specificity in the combination of the inherent risk taker being challenged by another inherent risk taker. We flourish because we care and have the nerve to challenge another with the level of passion that we are sometimes able to lavish on our own ideas and ourselves. In this way, we collectively, creatively, thrive.(as originally posted on CreativelyThriving.com)

Elizabeth KingComment