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Elizabeth King | President, Head of Test Preparation

Acing the ACT and Outsmarting the SAT by Elizabeth King (Random House/Ten Speed)

Acing the ACT and Outsmarting the SAT by Elizabeth King (Random House/Ten Speed)

Author Elizabeth King has 14 years of experience prepping students all over the world for the SAT, ACT, GRE, and other college admissions standardized tests. Her distinct approach to test prep has been published in her two books, Outsmarting the SAT ('08) and Acing the ACT ('15, both Ten Speed/Random House), and she is the founder of the 501c3 non-profit Agency For Emerging Voices, Inc., which researches indicators of educational outcomes not driven by schools. 

Elizabeth is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College (2001) and holds a special Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Economics, which essentially marries economics and math with art history and studio art. As a professional writer, she is the co-author of Winning the Customer (McGraw-Hill '11) with Lou Imbriano, former CMO of the New England Patriots, and she is currently ghost writing a memoir with a client in Boston and co-authoring another with a client based in the U.K. 

Outside of test preparation, Elizabeth has served as an academic coach and home school facilitator. Early in her career she designed and taught an entire SACS-accredited individualized 9th grade curriculum one-on-one to a student with special needs. 

Always interested in blazing her own trail, Elizabeth was highlighted by Fast Company as part of "Generation Flux." She has been quoted in the New York Times for her thoughts about testing and has appeared all over national radio, including the Oprah Radio Network and Business Radio @ Wharton. She has served on several advisory boards in the education arena for the Office of the Mayor of West Palm Beach, FL and is a founding board member of the North Shore Music Festival, a New York 501c3. She has served as a volunteer mentor for Startup Weekend on several occasions, as well as gone on to directly advise companies emerging from that program, including one which appeared on the television show Shark Tank.

Elizabeth has been a tutor trainer and prep guide editor for Let's Get Ready, another New York 501c3 dedicated to preparing under served students for college. Her generous spirit and tough-mindedness bring out the best in her students.